We are a professional accounting company

Our activities aim to fully simplify the accounting of business and public sector companies by introducing new traditions of complex services. We are consciously combining accounting, legal and business services for this mission into a single set of services.

We are a company operating for more than 15 years, with a team of accountants with many years of experience, whose greatest values are respect for you and your business and the work performed.

We started our activity in 2004. Thanks to the enthusiasm and professionalism of the first employees, we overcame all the challenges of a start-up company. Currently, over 10 equally enthusiastic accountants work continuously.

Today, we maintain accounting and constantly consult more than 250 companies in the commercial and social sectors. A large part of our customers are foreign capital companies. We are well acquainted with the characteristics of the mentioned companies and enterprises, therefore we can offer each customer cost-effective solutions and our accumulated knowledge and experience.

Our main field of activity is accounting, financial and legal consulting, business consulting and company establishment. We consider it our duty to understand your needs, to communicate in a language you understand, to adapt to the time and form that is convenient for you. The main goal of our team is to reflect the condition of your company in financial accounting as transparently as possible, on the basis of which you will make correct and profitable decisions and constantly increase the value of your company.

Close cooperation with business partners of different competencies – lawyers, auditors, fully complements our competencies and opportunities. The steadily growing number of customers is the best indicator that reveals the quality of our services and the added value we create for our customers.

We understand that reliability and professionalism are important factors in order to further expand the number of loyal and satisfied customers. This helps us to consistently achieve the required results. 

We are a youthful and ambitious team whose core values ​​are honesty and mutual trust. We strive to be a modern and reliable organization, therefore we use advanced and secure information technologies in our activities, and we invest in the personal development of our employees.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, so our priority is the customer’s needs.

Apskaitos Garantas Team

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